23 May, 2012

Visions Beyond Stench of Decay

Well, not quite. I got one more chance to illustrate Stench of Decay's morbid music for their upcoming Visions Beyond Death single.

From everything you do - there is something to be learned. This is especially true if you draw as little as I do, you learn a great deal from previous art pieces you do and try to implement what you have learned to your next piece. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I tried to apply more 'open' feel to the Visions Beyond Death cover, trying not to get too crowded. Well, that might have worked but the open space lacks detail and the picture works quite a lot better as a which it was supposed to be - as a cover. Just because the dead space is being cropped out of the picture!

The original artwork for Visions Beyond Death. I've had a quite a long 'dry' season in art before this one.

Stench of Decay - Visions Beyond Death (7" Single, Detest Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records 2011)
 From Stench of Decay just came out a compilation CD that puts together all of the recordings I've been part of by making covers, but also the excellent first demo. Great release by EKTRO Records (http://www.ektrorecords.com/).

My collection of Stench of Decay recordings (minus the first demo). Cover for the compilation CD is taken from the T-shirt design. 

Every piece I've done so far is done basically using the same technique. I work with ink and a brush. Not pens, but with brushes. I start with pencil sketch - nowadays I draw lot more detailed sketches, before I might have started working from a quite rough sketch. When I'm happy with the sketch, I ink over it. And big is always better, not A4, way too small. Not even A3 but closer to A2 if possible. The thing with brush is that its not as detailed as a pen might be so bigger is just better in all aspects. Easier too. Well, also lot more work too - obviously.

I like the brush because with that you really get the line going on much smoother - and you have the ability to easily adjust the thickness of the line. It just tends to be much more intuitive. My style to draw very 'cold', 'rigid' and even 'awkward' - but with the brush I get bit more 'life' to the final artpiece. Well, to be honest I do the final touch ups with a fine tip pen. Just to sharpen out some things and fill up parts that Ive missed with the brush. But its just to give the artpiece bit more polished appearance.

Well, that being said, my next piece was weird. Its small - only A4 - I only made quite rough sketch of it and I finished it up with ink pens, not brushes. And it's not a cover for a music album! Well, still music related - might be a cover for upcoming MUGRE zine. Here's the piece:

 That's all folks, at this time. We will continue on the cover artworks next time - not for Stench of Decay but something else altogether. Until then.