25 November, 2013

Swallowed by the Void

"Swallowed By the Void" by Lie In Ruins originally came out as a CD 2009 - but finally 2013 the LP version saw the light of day.

I contacted the band after a live show in Pori several years ago - and after few years of long wait it finally paid off. I got mail from the band asking me to do the artwork for the LP release of "Swallowed by the Void". I pretty much got free hands to work on the LP cover.

Original artwork of the Swallowed by the Void CD done by Roni Ä.
I wanted to stay true to the original - just make my version in a bigger scale. With gatefold covers I was able to do the biggest artwork that I have done so far. Originally I planned to do it as a one big picture but it would have been too big for me to work on - it was more practical to do it in two separate artworks that - if not seamlessly, atleast story wise - continue where the other one ends.

Swallowed By The Void 1/2
Frontside of the artwork is actually where the story ends. Swallowed By the Void - be it the gaping chasm or devouring vortex - the poor souls are still devoured in a way or another.

Swallowed By The Void 2/2
Backside is where the story starts, people drag themselves towards the impending doom.

Lie in Ruins - Swallowed By the Void (LP, Nuclear Winter Records, 2013). Cover. / Layout by Tlmnn.

Lie in Ruins - Swallowed By the Void (LP, Nuclear Winter Records, 2013). Backside. / Layout by Tlmnn.