30 August, 2012

In The Tomb

Slowly, quietly working my art on my catacombs. My blog updates are far in between but I am always working on something new. This is one of the more recent ones that draws from a very classic elements of a graveyard scene. It was a welcomed change to do something without monsters and such - really had to pay attention to the scenery which has always been my weakness.

It was as fun as I thought - and great input from the customer helped to really bring it the finishing touches it sorely needed. It was also a challenge, could I bring the graveyard into life (hehe) and still keep my style. Without tentacles and all!

Well, what do you think:

In The Tomb (2012)
 It was originally intended as a magazine cover. You can easily divide the picture in two, like so:

 The magazine being on hold - what comes out of the art remains to be seen - but whatever it is, its certainly called "In The Tomb"!

I'll keep this short this time - I have a Wall of Text coming up so be prepared.