17 July, 2012

Anthropophagy of Doom

There's one thing in common with the bands I've had been working with so far - they've all been great and they've all been something I really enjoy listening to. Sepulcral is no exception to this.

Sepulcral's new album has been out now for a while but somehow I got around listening to it just now. But what a great album it is. The band hails from Italy and draws from the same influences for their music as I for my art - old school death metal, old horror movies and works of H.P.Lovecraft. The band really got that grinding "death metal groove" which I love.

I started working with this cover at the end of last year and its been published as a CD and LP both. The band requested a cemetery like atmosphere with zombies and other 'classic' elements. I liked the basic idea but didn't want to make it too general - so I added few elements to make it bit more 'special'. A huge hole with tentacles rising from it: either spawning and animating corpses or devouring and dragging them down to hell - what is happening, its really up to you to decide.

Anthropophagy of Doom continues the same basic atmosphere as the last Stench of Decay cover - it has lots of wide open space and light.

Sepulcral - Anthropophagy of Doom (LP, Terror From Hell/Unholy Domain Records  2012; CD,  Razorback Records 2012)
In the picture is the LP cover. CD cover is very similar - red lettering instead of blue. Here's a pic of both of them: