22 December, 2013

Arkham Library

The opportunity to do cover art for Arkhamin Kirjasto was in a way dream come true for me. Not only because Jussi Lehtisalo is just great guy to work with - but also because H.P. Lovecraft is the single biggest inspiration for my art. Like the name suggests - the band 'Arkhamin Kirjasto' (Arkham Library) also draws its atmosphere and lyrics from the Cthulhu mythos.

It was also an opportunity to do something else. So far most of my works have included somekind of monstrosities and landscapes - it was clear from the beginning that I would want to do scene that would illustrate the library of Arkham. Maybe some monstrosities too, but in a more subtle way (we'll it ended up being bit more than subtle...).
Works of H.P. Lovecraft are great inspiration.

The artwork for "Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death" 7" EP shows a scene inside Arkham Library. A ritual of some sort has gone badly wrong (or working as intended, who knows!) and monstrosities are crawling out from their hiding places. The tendrils are drawn towards the elder sign in the painting - which is coming to life on its own, releasing who knows what cosmic horrors to this world.

Arkham Library.

I like paintings where there is new details to be found each time you look at it. Sometimes they can be subtle hints of mood, sometimes just lots of details which tell a story of their own. This was probably the first time I really wanted to add as much details as I could - as previously I have mostly tried to concentrate on the mood and bigger picture with maybe a single focus point. I did my best not to hold back, just add everything that came to my mind. The center of the scene is less crowded, I intended that the logo would be added there but as the artwork became more or less finished it became obvious that it wouldn't work.

Arkhamin Kirjasto - Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death (7" EP, Full Contact / Ektro Records, 2013). / Layout by Musta Kirahvi.

It was great fun to make this, and hell of a lot more work that I anticipated - details can be very time consuming. But like I said - lots of fun. Hope you like the end result.


25 November, 2013

Swallowed by the Void

"Swallowed By the Void" by Lie In Ruins originally came out as a CD 2009 - but finally 2013 the LP version saw the light of day.

I contacted the band after a live show in Pori several years ago - and after few years of long wait it finally paid off. I got mail from the band asking me to do the artwork for the LP release of "Swallowed by the Void". I pretty much got free hands to work on the LP cover.

Original artwork of the Swallowed by the Void CD done by Roni Ä.
I wanted to stay true to the original - just make my version in a bigger scale. With gatefold covers I was able to do the biggest artwork that I have done so far. Originally I planned to do it as a one big picture but it would have been too big for me to work on - it was more practical to do it in two separate artworks that - if not seamlessly, atleast story wise - continue where the other one ends.

Swallowed By The Void 1/2
Frontside of the artwork is actually where the story ends. Swallowed By the Void - be it the gaping chasm or devouring vortex - the poor souls are still devoured in a way or another.

Swallowed By The Void 2/2
Backside is where the story starts, people drag themselves towards the impending doom.

Lie in Ruins - Swallowed By the Void (LP, Nuclear Winter Records, 2013). Cover. / Layout by Tlmnn.

Lie in Ruins - Swallowed By the Void (LP, Nuclear Winter Records, 2013). Backside. / Layout by Tlmnn.