28 December, 2012

On the Edge

"Abyss" is the art for the German death/grind band Depression (http://www.depression-grind.de/) for their 2013 7" Split "Abgrund".

Its a strange piece because I had no idea what I was about to make - until I started making it. Even though the band requested in something in the vain of "Left Hand Path" by Entombed, it only gave me a basic idea that I want something organic - but I didn't want to make a direct copy. It was very inspiring (beause Left Hand Path is a great cover!) and difficult at the same time.
Left Hand Path
I mean, I just basically started drawing with really no idea what I was doing. I rarely get anything feasible done that way but this time I guess it worked. First, the giant "ribcage" started to emerge from the landscape and the roots followed soon after. The figure on the center was the last thing missing.

Original sketch for Abyss.
 Minor adjustments were made and details were added to the final piece but the basic idea and composition remained the same.
Art waiting to be inked

Okay, I promised to dwelve little deeper on my actual inking techniques - even though Im not sure if there's much to tell. Like I revealed in my previous posts, I use only size 4 brush - it seems to do th the trick for the most part. But before that, I like to have a clear idea what Im doing - ie. the sketch needs to be detailed enough. Its not fair to say that the creative process stops when the inking starts - because its not true - but it still has some validity in it. Mainly its following the footpaths you've created using pencil - speeds up the inking process when you really have thought through what you are going to do.
The way I do it, from top to bottom. First I usually line the edges in one certain area and continue from there.

With my first ink pieces I painted over bits I didnt like with white paint and re-did some parts. But not anymore, if something doesn't work - I make it work somehow! Mistakes can and will happen and you just have to make it work, redoing something too much will make it loose its edge. You need quite a lot of patience at times. It is still much about creating with the ink, no matter how detailed the sketch is. Because different things and techniques work when you are using pencil - and other when you are inking. You have to be able to see that while you are working and not get too fixated. I am not a great inker but I've found my "comfort zone". But I constantly try push it because its the only way to learn.
The background done. It sets the tone but the devil is in the details which are yet to be done.

Detail of the background.
It takes quite many hours to do the inking alone but its fun to see as the image builds up.

Depression - Abgrund (7" Split with Eroded, Suffer Productions, 2013). In the release version the logo is red.

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