26 April, 2015


Thus far I've been working exclusively with various different metal bands. Mostly because that's where my roots lie and that's what I've been known doing. But I am more than happy try out different kinds of projects - so I was very pleased when blues influenced Finnish rock trio Six Minutes After approached me (with a little advertisement from my little sister) when they needed a cover for their upcoming EP "Rose".

Two things made this project special - it was going to be in colours and in addition to the cover I would draw designs for the whole EP. I drew inspiration from Art Nouveau and wanted trying painting with thin watercolour like paints that would create serene feel.
Hand With a Rose.
First thing I drew for this project was the skeleton hand holding a rose. I did it to demonstrate to the band what I was after and I thought it would make a great design for the CD.
 I wanted a continuous picture that would go around from the front to the back. The girl - Rose - would be one of the focal points in addition to the hand holding a rose. Rose field would wither on the other side of the picture and the skies would grow darker. But of course, both sides would have to work on their own too.
Rose 1/2.
Rose 2/2.
 For the final cover, the image was flipped as it worked better that way with the album name and logo.
Six Minutes After - Rose (CD EP, Six Minutes After, 2014). / Layout by Eero Kurru.

 All in all - it was fun project in many ways. I got to draw and test new things and the guys in the band were great. But one thing is sure - I'm not drawing roses anytime soon. I lost count at 330 roses.


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