29 April, 2015

Zombie for a Day

© Mikael Peltomaa

Being a zombie is not easy. You have lots of dressing up to do - not to mention all the make up to make you look like the part. Then you'll have to walk painfully slow (or sprint really fast if you're one of the more nimble ones!) and act like you're totally brainless. Well, at least that last thing I can pull out with reasonable credibility.

The event was called Zombie Run Pori 2015 and it was held 25.4. in Pori's beautiful Kirjurinluoto park. There were hundred or so survivors whose goal was to run 4,5km long route to the safe area guarded by military. Problem was, the area was riddled with obstacles and of course - zombies!

I'll walk you through my day as a zombie.

I said being a zombie is not easy. I might have lied. At least my day as a zombie was a breeze. Thanks to my sister who had set everything up (with whom I attended the event too) - I just needed to sat down on a make up artist's bench and wait for my decay. Hanna Mäkelä was responsible for my gruesome transformation into a living dead.

© TGphotography (www.gronmanphotos.com). Make up: Hanna Mäkelä.
© TGphotography (www.gronmanphotos.com). Make up: Hanna Mäkelä.
© TGphotography (www.gronmanphotos.com). Make up: Hanna Mäkelä.

The finished results. I went with a military look that I already had a suitable wardrobe for. Little fake blood and tearing up the clothes added the finishing touches. Foul attitude and mindless behavior came naturally.

With my sister we were part of the zombie group stuck in a corridor that the poor survivors had to run through. Being a zombie of course I didn't had any tactics - but I just might have tried few different approaches to spice things up. Sometimes I was in the front of the corridor and sometimes in the exit. Sometimes I was slow and sometimes I was fast. Sometimes I was just screaming from the top of my lungs and sometimes just looking idly into nothingness.

© Jarno Kylmänen

But probably my favorite thing was sit by the exit of the corridor, wait for the runners to go by me - and then just go after them like bat out of hell. I might have scared a few that way.

© Jarno Kylmänen
© Jarno Kylmänen
© Jarno Kylmänen

I probably should have started this blog post saying being a survivor isn't easy - that seemed to be the hard part of this event. I think being a zombie is easy, after all.


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  1. Awesome! Looks very nice! Lucky not being there! Could not sleep for a week if been there!